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Visitor/Tourist Visa

Shiva international aids to fulfil your wish to visit a foreign land to meet your relatives and friends, to enjoy holidays or sightseeing. A visitor visa for any country is a kind of non-immigrant visa permitting you to stay in a specific country for a certain period. Generally, as a temporary visitor in a country, you can either attend short-term business activities, visit family / friends, or go as a tourist. A visitor visa also allows you to visit overseas for medical treatment.

The kind of visa has a limited validity period which allows you to stay abroad for a week, fortnight, month, or a year. We also offer national and international luxurious holiday packages for the aspirants who wish to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate themselves with low amount of money. We are dealing visitor visa for all countries. There are different kinds of visitor visas depending on the reason behind traveling to a particular country. Each of the countries have their own eligibility criteria and application process.

Visitor visas can be classified based on the reasonfortravel - tourism, visiting family/friends, business, or transit. Additionally, the different types of visas available can be as per the numberofentries allowed. A visit visa can be - single entry, double entry, or multiple entry.